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Retail Locations For the Westvleteren XII Brick

December 3, 2012


On December 12, 2012 (12.12.12) the Westvleteren XII “Brick” (gift packs) will be available for sale in the US for the first time.  Below is a list of retail locations where these Bricks will be for sale.  Each Brick contains six 33cl bottles of  Westvleteren 12º beer and two special tasting glasses.  This is a special one-time only release.  It might sell out right away on December 12th.  No advance reservations are accepted via this website.  This list is only to help make the search easier for those that wish to purchase a Westvleteren XII Brick.  Suggested Retail Price is $85.00 per Brick.


Hop City, Birmingham
Piggly Wiggly, Homewood
The Nook, Huntsville


Total Wine, Gilbert
Total Wine (Arrowhead Gateway), Glendale
Total Wine, Goodyear
Total Wine (Desert Ridge), Phoenix
Total Wine (Camelback Rd), Phoenix
Total Wine, Scottsdale
Total Wine, Tempe
Total Wine (The Corner), Tucson
Total Wine (Park Place Mall), Tucson


Total Wine, Brea
Hi Times Wine Cellar, Costa Mesa
Davis Beer Shoppe, Davis
Holiday Wine Cellar, Escondido
Total Wine, Folsom
Total Wine, Huntington Beach
Total Wine, Laguna Hills
Stearns, Long Beach
Total Wine, Northbridge
Trappist Provisions, Oakland
Bruery Provisions, Orange
Total Wine, Rancho Cuacamonga
Total Wine, Redondo Beach
K&L Wines, Redwood City/Los Angeles
Total Wine, Roseville
Pangaea, Sacramento
Total Wine, Sacramento
Best Damn Bottle Shop, San Diego
Bine & Vine, San Diego
City Beer Store, San Francisco
Healthy Spirits, San Francisco
Ales Unlimited, San Francisco
Total Wine, Tustin
Total Wine, Thousand Oaks
Øl Beercafe, Walnut Creek


Liquor Mart, Boulder
Coaltrain Wine and Spirits, Colorado Springs
Argonaut Liquor, Denver
Wilbur’s Total Beverage, Fort Collins


Total Wine, Claymont
Total Wine, Milltown


Total Wine, Boca Raton
Total Wine, Boynton Beach
Total Wine, Clearwater
Total Wine, Fort Lauderdale
Total Wine, Fort Myers
Total Wine, Jasksonville
Total Wine, Miami
Total Wine, North Miami
Total Wine, Naples
Total Wine (Colonial Plaza), Orlando
Total Wine (Millenia Plaza), Orlando
Total Wine, Palm Beach Gardens
Total Wine, Pembroke Pines
Total Wine, Plantation
Total Wine, St. Petersburg
Total Wine, Sarasota
Total Wine, Stuart
Total Wine, Tampa
Total Wine, Village of Wellington


Binny’s, Bloomington
Friar Tucks, Bloomington
Binny’s (Downers Grove), Chicago
Binny’s (Marcey), Chicago


Keg Liquors, Clarksville
Crown Liquors, Indianapolis
Village Liquors, West Lafayette


Benz Beverage Depot, Cedar Rapids
Royal Mile, Des Moines
Schera’s Algerian American Restaurant, Elkader
John’s Grocery, Iowa City


The Party Source, Bellevue (Cincinnati)
Wino’s Depot, Bowling Green
The Beer Trappe, Lexington
Louisville Beer Store, Louisville
Sergio’s World Beers, Louisville
Roof Brothers, Paducah


Whole Foods, Baton Rouge
Aquistapace’s Grocery, Covington
Whole Foods (Veterans), Metarie
Stein’s Deli, New Orleans
Whole Foods (Arabella Station), New Orleans


Corridor Fine Wine, Laurel
Beltway Fine Wine, Towson


Craft Beer Cellar, Belmont (Boston)
Provisions, Northampton
Redstone Liquors, Stoneham
Julio’s, Westborough


Heritage Liquor, Minneapolis
Andy’s Liquor, Rochester
West Side Liquors, St. Cloud


Total Wine, Henderson
Total Wine, Las Vegas
Total Wine, Reno


DeCicco’s, Ardsley
DeCicco’s, Brewster
Breukelen Bier Merchants, Brooklyn
Brouwerij Lane, Brooklyn
Beer Street, Brooklyn
Beer Table Pantry, Manhattan
The Cannibal, Manhattan
City Swiggers, Manhattan
Good Beer, Manhattan
New Beer Distributors, Manhattan
Top Hops, Manhattan
Whole Foods Bowery, Manhattan
DeCicco’s, Pelham


Total Wine, Cary
Total Wine (Park Towne Village), Charlotte
Total Wine (Grand Promenade Phase II),Charlotte
Total Wine (Promenade on Providence), Charlotte
Total Wine, Durham
Total Wine (Battleground Square), Greensboro
Total Wine (Oakwood Square), Greensboro
Total Wine, Huntersville
Total Wine (Brier Creek), Raleigh
Total Wine (Triangle Plaza), Raleigh
Total Wine (Six Forks Road), Raleigh
Total Wine, Winston-Salem


Lizardville, Bedford Heights (Cleveland)
Jungle Jim’s, Cincinnati
Belmont Party Supply, Dayton
Lizardville, Rocky River (Cleveland)
Anderson’s, Maumee (Toledo)
Vintage Estates, Youngstown


Corvallis Beer Supply, Corvallis
Market of Choice, Corvallis
Bier Stein, Eugene
Market of Choice, Eugene
16 Tons Beer & Wine, Eugene
Belmont Station, Portland
Beer Monger, Portland
Saraveza, Portland
Hop & Vine, Portland
John’s Market, Portland
Market of Choice, Portland
Market of Choice, West Linn


Total Wine, Charleston
Total Wine, Columbia
Total Wine, Greenville


Hunger Mountain Co-Op, Montpellier
Beverage Warehouse, Winooski (Burlington)

  1. satyrwilder permalink

    Sadly, one of the locations that is a half mile from where I work has sold out. It was not meant to be!

  2. Jesse permalink

    The worst part about the fact that it’s sold out, is that lots of them sold at more than double the price on eBay as soon as they began selling out. Douchebags.

  3. Ninjah permalink

    No Washington?!?!
    I guess I’ll have to quench this cottonmouth with St. Bernardus Abt. 12

  4. I don’t see Texas on the list go figure the biggest state in the union and we don’t get one brick

    • akbrewer permalink

      Um… Actually Texas isint the biggest, just fyi

  5. Jason permalink

    The top Beer drinking/producing state in the country is Wisconsin, yet they sell it in Places like Delaware, Vermont, Iowa instead…. Wow

    • R.D. permalink

      Silly, isn’t it. Figured Wisconsin would be on the top of the list!

  6. Ernest Williams permalink

    Also looking for St. Louis. Home of the King of Beers, how could we be left out?

  7. Danyell permalink

    Got mine. Phoenix is pretty much sold out now.

  8. Allison permalink

    Called 5 retailers from the list within an hour and a half drive this morning looking for a brick. Each retailer said they sold out within the first hour. Fastest was first 12 minutes!

  9. dan permalink

    I’ve had it and it’s nothing special. It may be the hardest beer to get but it is far from the best.

  10. vicky permalink

    Wisconsin 😦

  11. Gordon permalink

    Thankfully here in South Florida there are a number of Total Wine stores that have it. I got one brick and will drink them on special occasions, like my 41st anniversary this Sunday.

  12. I think that it was quite jerky of the monks to do this. They have created an uber-exclusive, lux beer in order to finance monk cells??!! And they’re anti-materialist, right? What a joke.

    • Nick permalink

      From what I hear this is to give a boost to the Abbey which is in dire need of repair

  13. David Martinez permalink

    Huge letdown for this San Antonian. My ex-spouse accidentally broke a gift pack from the monastery and I was hoping to replace it, guess not. I wish they would do this once a year at least just to let some of us who appreciate it have a chance to savor this wonderful creation.

  14. nosP@m permalink

    no stores in Mississippi or Tennessee. go figure

  15. Rogerk permalink

    What is sad is to see how many of these bricks are up for sale on e-bay, for more than $400 in some cases, , while many of us beer fans can’t get our hands on a brick.

  16. beer lover permalink

    Arrrrrgh! Not sold in Virginia either! Will it be available later?

  17. Glenn Gustafson permalink

    These guys sound more like thieves selling beer at this kind of price.
    I drink a local Texas beer that is better than any beer I have found anywhere.
    But beer is about personal taste…enjoy!

    • Clay permalink

      Really? Do thieves let you walk away if you don’t like their terms? If they were charging 1,000$ it still would not be theft. It is a mutual transaction. Do you want to give me this for that? If not, ok.

    • I’ve had Westvleteren before and, while its reputation is slightly inflated, it is a superb beer. I would definitely be buying a six pack if it were available in my state.

    • Barry permalink

      Glenn, this beer is made by one of seven Trappist breweries. Trappists are an order of Monks from Belgium and they sell beer to support there way of life and give any leftover profit to charity, so they could hardly be called thieves. For beer drinkers, the Trappist breweries have been pioneers of the Belgian style of beer so they are a big deal to beer aficionados. Westvleteren, the makers of this beer have never released their beer in the United States before, or not much elsewhere besides their monastery for that matter. So for those of us who are into beer and haven’t traveled to Belgium, this is the first opportunity to try a classic. For six beers and two glasses the asking price is a little over $10 per item which is not that bad for a gourmet beer, particularly one this exclusive.

      • mike permalink

        Actually, they did one release earlier this year. It was a 4 pack. As with this release, they needed money for renovations.

        Anyone that says they’re jacking up prices and “creating demand” doesn’t know what they are talking about. Look up an episode of 99% Invisible titled “The best beer in the world” for a cool story about these monks and their beer. The fact that there’s a demand is not their fault nor is it their problem. They simply brew so they can continue their monk lifestyle. We created the demand.

    • Kathleen permalink

      what is the name of the local Texas beer?

    • Mike Meeker permalink

      What local texas beer would that be?

    • Glenn: I’ve been to the cafe adjacent to the abbey. Bought the beer. Lugged it back to TX. Worth the effort. It’s really that good.

    • It’s only expensive because they’re bundled together. My local beer-specific market has at least a dozen beers that cost more than the per-bottle cost of this.

    • george permalink

      You need to try Westvleteren XII. I had the fortune of trying it once and I have never found anything close to it.

      • William permalink


        Very close to the Westvleteren trappist beer is the Sint Bernardus. Why ?

        Shortly after the Second World War, the Trappist Monastery St.Sixtus in Westvleteren was looking for somebody to commercialise their beer because they did not want to do that themselves anymore.

        They gave a license to the cheesefactory, and Brewery St.Bernard was founded. The brew master from Westvleteren, Mathieu Szafranski (from Polish origin) became a partner in the brewery and brought along the recipes, the know-how and the St.Sixtus yeast strain.

        They started selling the trappist beers under the brand names Trappist Westvleteren, St.Sixtus or even later Sixtus.

        During a period of 46 years they brewed and commercialised the beers, while the monks continued to brew for themselves and for sales to 3 pubs in the neighbourhood, amongst which In De Vrede, just next to the monastery.

        In 1992 the license came to an end and since then they are brewing the same beers, with the same recipes, but under a different brand name: St.Bernardus.

  18. Jake permalink

    Dang. Really wish this was available in Anchorage, Alaska. Micro brews are huge up here. Additionally, I’m a big Belgian fan and I have heard of this beer before. Oh well, better luck next life.

  19. wheremyobamaphone permalink

    @Glenn Gustafson

    Trust a Texan hick with the blood of socialist morons (Gustafson) to compare local sewage to something like this. What a classless dud.

  20. There’s a lot more to New York State than the metro NYC area!! Once again Western NY gets the shaft. The Piggly Wiggly in Homewood, AL? No offense, but really?!

    • Actually J, that is rather offensive. That Piggly Wiggly actually offers a selection of craft beer and as well as craft beer tasting nights regularly. Just because its a grocery store in AL doesn’t mean its not progressive. Each of these stores on the list got to retail the beer through seeking to merchandise it, meaning they had to know what the beer is and believe it was a smart bet for their clientele. It seems that the stores in western NY either didn’t make the distributor’s cut or didn’t even apply.

    • Flip permalink

      Michael’s right. It seems a very unlikely location for such an awesome selection of beer. (Even when you walk in, you wouldn’t guess it.) PW Homewood has a buyer who knows there’s a very strong beer culture bubbling up in the Birmingham metro area, and has been very responsive to that. She’s been able to get some things you wouldn’t even expect a really great grocery store to get.

  21. Expensive? A local retailer was selling this “brick” for $600 until recently.

    • That’s a shame. One of the unspoken (or sometimes spoken) rules of the beer is not to resell at ridiculous prices out of respect for the abbey.

      Incidentally, based on what I can tell the bottles straight from the abbey are only about $2.75 each.

  22. mike permalink

    I got one! I can’t believe it. I’ve actually been planning a trip to their abbey in hopes of tasting this.

  23. Ben Eysselinck permalink

    Why is Michigan being ignored?!? There’s a lot of Belgians up here that would love a taste of the old country.

    • Chariti permalink

      Toledo is close to you. Anderson’s in Maumee carries it.. Hope that is helpful..

  24. Rob Barros permalink

    So, what’s the deal with the distributor? Five stores on the list that I’ve checked with never got it!

  25. Reblogged this on Dr. G. Forever and commented:

    Total Wine, Henderson
    Retail Locations for the WORLDS BEST Beer. 3 in Nevada… Thanks to US Westvleteren XII Brick for the information

  26. Brian permalink

    I still have a bottle in my refrigerator from a trip to Brugges in 2006. Waiting for the right moment. It’s heaven.

    • William permalink

      What a pity! This beer should be drunk within 2-3 years. And never keep it in your refrigerator. The ideal storage temperature is 58-64 F

  27. TGos permalink

    Why not Seattle? There are a lot of beer lovers here!!!

  28. Is anyone camping out for this? Just curious. I’m in Germany.

  29. Steph permalink

    I was lucky to obtain 2 bricks of this beer yesterday! Woohoo, life is good!
    Visited the abbey in 2007 and enjoyed Westvleteren 10 there and also brought a 6 pack home! Loved my visit there and can’t wait to enjoy my 12 bottles of Westie XII here in the states! 🙂

  30. It is here in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. $86.00 @Firefly Fine Wines and Ales

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